Demand for escorts increases in Barcelona

The faces of prostitution: the faces of sex workers who are suffering in their day, those who claim that this occupation allowed them to leave a worse life than barcelona escorts, those who claim to be proud of what they do, those who dream of another job.

The film deals with cases of prostitutes practising in the Catalan capital, their situation, their demands – although it also devotes a part to the reality they live in Amsterdam. Some are devastated by his craft. Others claim and defend it. What they all agree on is the need to provide them with rights and protect them from violence: last week, a prostitute was killed by the throat of a client on Riera Alta Street.

A dream or an obligation?

“I haven’t lived well. I wanted to be a hairdresser, I liked her. I’m 43 years old. I’m Cameroonian. I’m a whore. I’ve been doing sex work for 10 years. I am another person at night. Lavine tells it, which gives rise to an immense sadness, a great disappointment:”At night I put on my wig and nobody knows me. I’m ashamed, but it’s okay. What am I going to do? There are good and bad clients. The bad customer takes you with the car, takes you somewhere, forces you to suck it, sometimes by the hair. He doesn’t pay you, he gets you out of the car. You have to walk back. And he steals your money. I’m gonna kill you, you black bitch, she says. One of them took me to Montjuïc and cut my chest. I didn’t want her to take my purse.”

Lavine is the face of resignation, who seeks a different future and yearns for a lost past:”Dreaming, I return to the village, with my friends, when I was a child. Let’s go into the woods and look for mangoes. Paula Vip lives it another way: “I’m from Barcelona. I’m 51 years old. My stage name is Paula VIP. I got a stage name because I’m a whore. I love my job, for me sex is as natural as doing something else. I came in, like 99.9%, because of a pressing economic situation. I was in a precarious situation with my son, and I wanted to get rid of a husband I no longer wanted to be with. That was suddenly brought to me by the world of prostitution. Paula, who told her son what she did to find out that he already knew, is the other side.

Maria Gas, director of Social Equity and Health Services at Barcelona City Council, sums up the positions on prostitution in the documentary:”For some people sex work is unacceptable in any case, it is the most extremist view of abolitionism, and there is another regulatory view that says sex work is a job like any other and that anyone has the right to exercise it voluntarily”.

Barranco has been preparing for a year and a half:”It was difficult for me to find the women and, once they were found, to gain the confidence necessary for them to show themselves spiritually naked before the camera.